Adult Autism Waiver Services

What is Supports Coordination?

Supports Coordination involves the location, coordination, and monitoring of needed services and supports for an adult with autism. The Supports Coordinator assists participants in obtaining and coordinating needed waiver and other State plan services, as well as housing, medical, social, vocational, and other community services, regardless of funding source.

What is WJS Allegheny Psychological Associates background with Supports Coordination?

WJS Allegheny Psychological Associates was one of the very first agencies in Pennsylvania to become a provider of Supports Coordination. WJS has been providing Supports Coordination services to Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Adult Autism population since 2009! 

What counties does WJS Allegheny Psychological Associates serve?

WJS provides services in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania.

What makes WJS stand out compared to other Supports Coordination Agencies?

WJS holds itself to high standards, employing Supports Coordinators that far exceed the educational and experiential expectations set by the state of Pennsylvania. Many of our Supports Coordinators hold a Master’s degree, a license to provide behavioral services and/or 10+ years of experience in behavioral, educational, or service coordination services. WJS also employs Supports Coordinators who are fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language.

How do I choose WJS Allegheny Psychological Associates to become my Supports Coordinator provider?


There are two options:

  • For newly enrolled individuals: At your initial meeting with the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations (BSASP), you will be given a Directory of Providers to choose from. If you would like WJS Allegheny Psychological Associates to provide supports coordination services, please inform the BSASP Representative.
  • For individuals already enrolled: If you are already receiving Supports Coordination but are unhappy with the service you are receiving, please inform your current supports coordinator that you would like to transfer services to a new agency. You will receive a Choice Form, which must be completed and submitted to BSASP with WJS entered as your first choice.